A few weeks ago my wife was driving through McDonald’s when a lady who saw the sign on the van asked if we bought any houses. The sign reads “Avoid Foreclosure We Buy Houses” She wanted to get rid of a house that her daughter just moved out of. She wanted what was owed on it…$33,000. The house was gutted. For $10 I got a 90 day agreement to buy or lease. Had it recorded on Friday and put out the sign to sell “AS IS.” Got a contract the next day for $49,000. Closed on May 22, netting $13,900. Back to back closing in Louisiana. No out of pocket money…no risk…the easiest money I ever made! Thanks to the Mentoring program…Jon and Step Ianotti.

Tom Holden

Pearl River, LA


I came here not knowing much about how to make the calls and close deals…only what I;d listened to on the CD’s. Leaving this event, I feel more prepared and empowered to get out there and close some deals! I would have loved to have been able to join the Masters and get all available material. Although I can’t do that at this time, I am confident that I can make some real money in the next 30 days and then get the additional training and Mentorship! Look forward to hearing of our future deals and big checks! My husband Frank and I did purchase the Wolff Couple’s program and are excited to implement their 30 day plan and overcome all (or most) of the objections that are out there. We are excited to do less and make LOTS more. Thank you so much Ron and company!

Kim Oceguera

Houston, TX


This boot camp is the best I’ve attended and I am known by my friends and family as the Seminar Queen! I’ve learned so much in the last four days that I can use immediately to build my Real Estate business. Ron is straight forward – no nonsense. He knows the Real Estate investing business amazingly well. He practices what he teaches. I look forward to attending future events.

Suzan Svatek

Aldo, TX


I first went to see Ron Legrand in Atlanta, GA in 2002 and it was great. I went home and did multiple deals and I made close to 200k the first year in profit and equity. In 2006 the market went crazy and I stopped all Real Estate and by spring 2011 the stress of the economy was killing me, literally. I moved to Arizona knowing I wanted to do Real Estate again, but I was lost and doing odd jobs just to make it. Then I went back to Ron’s website and here I am in Dallas watching a testimonial of someone just like me; I knew I was in the right place. Now in four days, my knowledge has been updated and I have the tools that will allow me to come back better and stronger.

Matt Jensen

San Tan Valley, AZ


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