Kristie Crowe

I work two full time jobs that allow me to only be home every third day. My husband and I have made 3 deals, net worth $100,000. Our first one made us $50,874.32, that was the hook. I knew then our jobs were not going to allow us to retire on an island. We live a good life now. I talked my husband into quitting the police force and doing real estate full-time. Our first check on our first deal, was 1 1/2 times more than what my husband made in one year as a police officer. The motivation from this seminar is unreal. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
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"Don't talk bad about people behind their backs. Don't cuss. Drink in moderation. When you do drink, don't drive. Never go to bed angry. Don't smoke...anything; it makes you look like an idiot. Make new friends. Keep old friends. Hold the door for people. Say 'please' and 'thank you.' Compliment someone. Smile."

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