Business Management

During the past several years, many boot camp grads have told me they’d like to have a class for “grads only.” They wanted an event that would allow them to focus on how to get to the next level of their business. They envisioned it as specialized training to solve problems real estate entrepreneurs face. They wanted help on how to open new doors creating a lot more revenue with less work. Continue reading »

Paper Power

Dear Friend, There are tremendous amounts of profit underlying house deals you could be passing each time you close on a property. Almost every piece of Real Estate has some kind of a mortgage, trust deed, land contract, lien or … Continue reading »

Millionaire Mentoring

If you have the natural talent and drive and determination to become a success in real estate, and maybe even a millionaire one day, we want to develop and perfect your skills in our exclusive Millionaire Mentoring Program. This limited-access … Continue reading »

Commercial Property

Take a look at all the super wealthy who made their fortune in real estate and you’ll see it was Commercial Property that made them rich. Now I know that sounds strange coming from a guy who teaches residential real … Continue reading »

Fast Track To Wealth Workshop

A Day With A Master To Discuss America’s Perfect Home-Based Business Come let Ron LeGrand show you how ordinary folks all over North America are making a lot of money in real estate without using their money or credit. If … Continue reading »

Rehabbing Ron’s Way Boot Camp

Have You Ever Thought You’dLike to Renovate Houses,But Didn’t Know How orWhere to Get The Money? In my 35-year career as a real estate investor, I’ve rehabbed close to 1,000 houses. There has never been a year where I didn’t … Continue reading »

Multiple Income Strategies

The Most Critical Ingredientto Financial Freedom In September 2008 the world changed and mine with it. When Lehman Brothers went down it caused a worldwide recession that immediately cut off sources of funds and destroyed a lot of equity in … Continue reading »

Quick Start Real Estate School

I think back to 1982 when I was a dead broke auto mechanic trying to make enough money to make ends meet. There was no such thing as disposable income around my house. It was all disposed of before I … Continue reading »