The Great American Real Estate Summit Pre-Call

Hey there!

I cannot stress how important the following information is. If you’re attending the Summit, this is a must-read message! 

Call Information:
August 19th, 12 Noon EDT
Dial 862-234-4731, then use the passcode 28636782#


We need your completed lead property information sheets by August 28th so our Virtual Assistants can call them ahead of time. We want to call them early so we can make an appointment at the Summit for you and one of our mentors to sit down together and follow up on your leads. If you want us to help negotiate your deals at the Summit, we must have those sheets by August 28th!

I’ve attached both a video link and audio link to a message Ron would like you to review. He discusses how your FSBO leads will be handled at the Summit and how to properly prepare the lead sheets. You’ll also find below a script to use if the seller is reluctant to give you the loan balance. I can’t stress enough how important this 20-minute training is to your chances of turning this event into real money shortly after.

Download the lead property information sheet here:

Watch Ron demonstrate how to fill it out:

Can’t watch a video right now? Here’s an audio-only version:

Here are the scripts Ron mentions to fill out the lead property information sheet:



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