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The “Ron LeGrand Scam” Scam – Fake Reviews

Warning: Fake Reviews, Fake Blogs, General Fakery

Anyone with half a brain knows you have to do your research before making any major investment. Whether you’re investing in a house, a car, or your education, you need to do you due dilligence.

I check online reviews before I buy ANYTHING. My fiance and I were in Target last week buying one of those oil-less Infrared Fryers. I pulled out my phone and picked the one with the best reviews.

But how do you know where to research? We all know opinions found on the internet are worth just about as much as you pay for them. But you can find a few useful reviews out there for whatever it is you’re about to buy. You just have to know how to sift through the junk.

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of "review" sites that claim to be unbiased, but are anything but. There are now thousands of fake review sites being set up with a hidden, or if you know what to look for, not so hidden, agenda.

These sites review anywhere from just a few to hundreds of their competitors, and usually try to sound unbiased, but ultimately, at the end of the review, you’ll see something along the lines of, "Of all of the [insert product here] we’ve tested, we’ve found that the only one that stands up to our rigorous requirements is [insert affiliate link here]."

As a marketer, I have to say the model is genius, albeit unethical.

I’ve compiled a list of signs to look for to know whether or not you’re looking at a legitimate review, or if you’re being duped, and if the review is legitimate, how much stock you should put into it. Some of these are directly related to Ron LeGrand Reviews, while most can be used when researching any product.

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Weekly Report for 6/29/2012

Quick Start Real Estate School is well underway in Baltimore and sure to be a great event had by all. If you missed it this time, your next chance is in August in L.A. This event is a student favorite and includes a bus tour to view local FSBOs and work live deals! Call 800-567-6128 and get signed up now for one near you!

Meanwhile, we’re busy here at the office gearing up for Information and Internet Marketing Boot Camp coming August 23rd through the 26th. Be sure to read this week’s article from Jeff Vacek and Ken Preuss, and find out why you won’t want to miss their upcoming Webinar where they’ll show you how you can begin a successful information marketing business in the next 90 days.

Lastly, Ron’s lesson video this week focuses on presenting and explaining your ACTS deal to your seller (I’ll apologize in advance for my poor acting ability!). His simple, yet thorough, approach makes it clear and easily understandable for your seller. He does it all in under ten minutes!

Have a great weekend and a spectacular 4th of July! View the rest of the Weekly Report here!    

Just want to be home


So, Todd Rach and I are flying home from Chicago, making our final descent into Atlanta, wrapping up the first leg of our trip when he leans over and blurts our, “Wow, Nick! We haven’t had any problems with the flights this trip.” You can guess what happened next. Here we are delayed an hour and 40 minutes in Atlanta. Do you guys have any airport horror stories?

Let’s get social!


I just added the ability for you to comment on our posts. Let us know your feedback by connecting one of your social networking sites to our comments page! Simply scroll to the bottom of the post you’d like to comment on and click on the social icon you want to connect with…Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Google+ and more!

More than just looks…

We’ve just launched our brand new website for www.RonLeGrand.com. Our aim is to make this site more user-friendly, more interactive, and more personal. We want you to be able to find the information you’re looking for faster, and we want you to connect with Ron LeGrand and the rest of the staff here at Global Publishing. You can always find the most up-to-date information and announcements right here on our homepage, without having to drill down through pages and pages.
  • Did Ron tell you he’d post something for you on the website? You’ll be able to find that right here.
  • Are you looking to find out the next time Ron will be speaking live? You’re in the right place.
  • Looking for information you saw in an e-mail from us, but can’t find the e-mail now? Look no further.
  • Lost that link to the webinar starting in just a few minutes? We’ve found it for you.
We hope you enjoy our new, clean, interactive design, and I look forward to any feedback in the comments section below.